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DG Compliance Pty Ltd evolved after 10 years operations management experience in wholesale and contaminated fuel industries, where the founder, Greg Nicholls, saw the opportunity to provide personalised - competent and professional approach to servicing the growing regulatory requirements of large scale operators to small end fuel users alike in the city or the bush.

Our committed dangerous goods consultants and fuel industry technicians have considerable expertise specialising in the storage and handling of dangerous goods, environmental remediation of contaminated lands or hydrocarbon impacted soils, in particular bulk flammable and combustible liquids compliance issues such as safety management systems.

Intuitively DGC provides industry best practice solutions associated with annual fuel system maintenance programs commonly involving the remediation of contaminated fuels, tank cleaning, Integrity testing underground storage tank and lines. Our quality small teams specialise in the removal or decommissioning of redundant fuel tank systems is indicative of the high number of unviable & aging storage facilities across the wider community. All these scenarios ultimately culminate in the design and installation of above and underground storage systems for replacement in existing or building brand new facilities.

DGC offers competitive administrative and engineering solutions with prompt professional service extended to all dangerous goods locations including: Public, private, corporate, commercial, industrial, local council / Govt, mining, transport, marine and service industries.

Based in Brisbane Qld, DGC we are centrally positioned to service customers in all area's from Northern NSW to North Qld. We also extend our extensive range of fuel industry products & accessories to Central and Western Qld inquires in a concentrated effort to raise the standard of the storage & handling of flammable and combustible liquids compliance.


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