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Diesel fuel recycling, cleaning, polishing & remediation:

DGC Technicians utilise mobile state of the art centrifuge separation units combined with pneumatic pumping equipment to effectively clean and polish contaminated diesel fuels.

The three stage process:

  • Remove contaminated diesel fuel from the fuel system
  • Clean & polish diesel fuel with centrifuge separator
  • Treat fuel load with a microbial inhibitor / moisture dispersant / fuel conditioner

The process removes and separates

  • residual condensation
  • emulsion (water impacted fuel),
  • free water and heavy particulate, which may include microbial bacterial Cladisporium Resinea (black death) from the fuel load.

Approximately 2,000 litres per hour of combustible liquid product is processed by suction pumping contaminated liquid from the fuel storage tank into a separator bowl containing a series of plates spinning at 10,000 rpm to separate the particulate down to 3 microns from desired liquid product. Water is also reduced down to <0.03%.

Clean fuel/oil then circulates back to the storage tank to continuously agitate & partially clean the tank interior which effectively breaks down heavy bacteria & particulate matter.

The technician regularly monitors & samples until the desired fuel sample standard is obtained.

A high quality 'FUEL FIX' fuel conditioner treatment is then applied.
Cost effective, Environmentally friendly, Clean & Green recycling, Very little down time or waste.

*DGC highly recommends and regularly uses "Fuel Fix" a high quality microbial inhibitor / moisture dispersant fuel conditioner to treat diesel fuels in bulk fuel systems to effectively condition the fuel load.

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